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Building Your Own Basket Is Easy & Fun!
**Not intended for corporate orders. Please call to order multiple baskets.
Step 1: Choose your "Basket".

Step 2: Choose the items you want to go into "Your Basket".  To remove an item, click on that item in "Your Basket" at the top of the page ...this will feature that item in "Item View", and simply click "remove".  

Step 3: Continue to "Checkout".

Each "Basket" is assigned an amount of points it takes to fill it.

Each product is also assigned points. As you choose your items, they will be placed in "Your Basket" and the points will add up. If you go over the allotted points, you can either remove items form "Your Basket" or upgrade to a larger "Basket".

There are items in all point values, so you can easily match the points you need to fill "Your Basket".

All items are divided into "Categories". You can choose the "Category" in the dropdown in Step 2.

Feel free to Mix & Match items from any "Category".

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